. Jeremy Renner's taking his health recovery one step at a time. Jeremy Renner is showing love for his mother Valerie. The video, which Renner, 51, also posted to Twitter, also features his mom at his bedside. . .

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1 at his Reno, Nevada, home while celebrating New Year's Day with his family. He attended the premiere of his four. Actor: The Hurt Locker. Jeremy Renner is on the road to recovery after breaking more than 30 bones earlier this year in a snowplow accident.

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Jan 5, 2023 · Jeremy Renner is sharing a lighthearted moment from his stay in the ICU. Seuss' After Snowplow Accident Jeremy Renner 'Refuses' to Be 'Haunted,' 'Victimized' by Snowplow Accident: 'I Shifted the. .

Jeremy Renner.